“I have the best job in the world! There is no job as rewarding, exciting, and challenging as teaching!”


This site is designed for ESL and EFL teachers working in public schools or universities. Both new and veteran teachers may find useful material below. Follow the links to learn about lessons, skills, and tactics that I have successfully employed over several years of teaching EFL.

You can reach Casey…

via email at: caseyengteacher@yahoo.com or tesolikeapro@gmail.com

or visit his FaceBook page at: Casey Barnes


Links to Pages:


Advice from EPIK Lecturers to New EPIK Teachers:


Casey’s KOTESOL Presentations

Using Student Portfolios

Lesson Planning for EPIK Teachers

Ideas for the First Lesson

Project Based Learning

Negotiating Co-teaching Role

Lesson Ideas and Examples

Creating Cooperative Learning Groups

Building Units

How to make a floating classroom your classroom

Making Textbooks Dialogues more Engaging

Why Every Teacher Should have a Class Blog




3 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Minha the Boroboro says:

    Congratulations on your website launching, Mr.Barnes! See you next week:)

  2. Jen K. says:

    Hi Mr. Barnes, I have some quick questions that I was hoping I could e-mail you about. I am part of EPIK’s 2013 February class of teachers and was present during your lecture on secondary education. Is there an e-mail I can please contact you at?

    Thanks so much!

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